Returning to the country 280 mexicans stranded in Argentina by coronavirus


After that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the order was issued for that aircraft of the Mexican Air Force to be used to bring the mexicans stranded in Argentina by the contingency of the coronavirustoday, first thing in the morning, started the rescue operation and repatriation of co-nationals.

“First thing in the morning, started today the operation of the extraordinary rescue and repatriation of mexicans stranded in #Argentina for contingency #COVID19 with the support and custody of the argentine authorities to be able to circulate for the streets of #BuenosAires in mandatory quarantine”, reported the Embassy of Mexico in Argentina through his Twitter account.

Embassy staff and officials provided all necessary information and logistical support through five buses from the 4 meeting points in Buenos Aires was transported to the mexican the Ezeiza International Airport located 35 km from the microcentro of buenos aires.

Last Tuesday night, the user of Twitter @MenCar1920, uploaded a video where two women are calling on the government of Mexico assistance to be able to return to Buenos Aires.

“Hello, we are Ana and Cristina, stranded in Buenos Aires since the day 17, we are asking for help to Mexico , the Secretariat of Foreign Relations, to send a plane for us, by all mexicans that we are here, we are 200 desperate to return home, let them chase us out of the hotels because the shut , can’t stop, the food is running out, we want to send by us, please Mexico help us, we are waiting for your help , thank you”, they say in the recording.

Due to the volume of requests for repatriation and limited flights have been given priority boarding:

1. Vulnerable groups (older adults and medical conditions)

2. Mexican families and minors

3. Mexicans with cancelled flights/ extended stays

Last Monday, a group of 300 argentines returned to their country aboard the two planes of the Mexican Air Force that the president commanded; now back to 280 mexican citizens.

“The brother peoples strengthen their ties of solidarity in the most difficult moments”, said the argentine foreign minister, Felipe Solá.

According to the crew of the Mexican Air Force, when the passengers arrived to the capital of argentina and shouted, “Viva Mexico”.

Last Thursday, López Obrador thanked the argentine president, Alberto Fernandez, by allowing military aircraft sobrevolaran its airspace and aterrizaran in its territory.

“I want to thank the president of Argentina, that had closed its air space and allowed us to planes of the Air Force aterrizaran to bring to countrymen of ours, and also carry argentinean, that was a formality and it was a matter of exceptionalso with all the health care,” said Lopez Obrador during his conference in the morning of that day.

Until now, the mexican government, reported last weekend that in three days have been repatriated 576 mexicans from different countries, in addition to that, it is estimated will be able to return to national territory, more than 8,000 people stranded by the Covid-19.

“In an unprecedented effort, in just three days, it returned the largest number of mexicans stranded in foreign countries by special flights. The total number of fellow-countrymen returned was 576 days 27, 28 and 29 march“said a statement issued by the Government of Mexico.

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