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So many times it was said and written that Diego Armando Maradona left his heart on the court “ That many people were not struck by the fact that they released last week: that the body of whoever was the best player of all time is buried without three organs, one of them the cuore. The legend seemed to be confirmed, then: the Pelusa had given everything while he was dribbling rivals, supporting kicks and violating other people’s goals.

But no. The reality, as always, is different. Colder and more concrete, stripped of any feeling and devoid of melancholy. The data, accurate and definitive, will not make anyone’s skin chicken but at least it will shed a little light on a doubt that had remained and that had caused a certain sting in the huge legion of followers of the Fluff. The heart of Diego It is in an official dependency.

The news that to the body of Maradona he was missing a heart, a liver and a kidney was toasted by Nelson Castro on his last visit to the program Mirtha Legrand, which continues to be called that way despite the fact that the diva’s granddaughter has been driving it for more than a year and a half, Juana Viale, harshly criticized by Beto Casella in the last hours. There, between well-served dishes and glasses full of wine, the “periomédico” told that and generated astonishment among the followers of the former captain of the national team.

Maradona’s heart is in the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Buenos Aires Police, in the city of La Plata. It turned out that the gymnastics barrabrava had planned to steal it.

Effectively, Maradona he suffered the ablation of those organs when the autopsy that followed his death, which is exactly one year old today, was carried out. All are stored in the city of La Plata, and they assure that they will remain in formaldehyde for at least ten years, although it is presumed that this period could be extended for much longer.

Along with his liver and one of the kidneys, the heart of Maradona He is in custody at the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Buenos Aires Police. It is located in the dependency building not only for its conservation but also for its analysis, as endorsed by Justice.

At the time of his transfer, and also at many times thereafter, the police decided to establish a special custody for the organs of Diego, but above all from the heart, since a very strong rumor could be heard in the “underworld of the night” of the city of the diagonals: according to what was said, the barrabrava de Gimnasia, nicknamed “La 22” or “La banda del Loco Fierro “, was willing to act “to blood and fire” as long as you stay with “The throphy” who was his coach at the time of death.

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