Revenge of the losers, all the curiosities about the film broadcast on Rai 3

Prior to Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde directed Revenge of the Lost Teenagers, her directorial debut.

Before Don’t worry dear, Olivia Wilde entertained the big screen audience with his debut feature film titled Revenge of the losers (In the original language Book Shop). The film, released in 2019, is a comedy with the main characters. Beanie Feldstein AND Caitlin Dever and will air tonight, Wednesday, August 30, 2023 on Rai 3.

Revenge of the Losers, the plot and little things of the first work of Olivia Wilde

Youth Comedy, Revenge of the Losers, Tells a Story Molly and Amy, two high school students who, shortly before graduation, realize that they devoted their entire youth to academic success. Tired of being just exemplary students, shortly before graduation, two friends change their approach and decide to catch up by catching up with their peers. Friends since childhood, Molly and Amy fear that they never really had fun, unlike their classmates, who, unlike them, never followed strict rules in order to succeed in their studies. But Molly and Amy only have one night left to repair the damage. There is more hesitation between them, Amy, who gives in to Molly’s request, and so they both show up at the prom. It will be the craziest night for both girls.

One of curiosity “Revenge of the Losers” is that the film was co-written with four women: Emily Halern, Sarah Haskins, Susanna Vogel, Cathy Silberman. Among the main characters of the comedy we find Caitlin Dever, who has already made headlines in other films such as Ticket to Heaven Dear Evan Hansen AND Rosaline. Beanie Feldstein, on the other hand, appeared in Lady Bird, Legendary Dolly Wilde, People AND Puppet hijackers. At the suggestion of Olivia Wilde, both actresses spent a lot of time together under the same roof to strengthen their bond and make it more realistic on the big screen. They lived in the same room for ten weeks. Another curiosity about the director has to do with the script. In fact, it seems that the director encouraged the actors to suggest changes that could be made to the dialogue if necessary.

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