Review Advan StartGo S1: Smartwatch-cheap, Waterproof, da



Saturday, March 21, 2020 • 15:14

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Advan StartGo S1Advan StartGo S1

Not only offers cell phone and tablet PC, Advan also started to expand the business, with the release of several wearables (wearable devices). From Earbuds wireless familiar is called TWS, to the smartwatch.

For hours this smart, Advan, so let me label that with a brand StartGo and the first product is StartGo S1. The Smartwatch is already available in the market for some time, and sold in the exclusion by the e-commerce platform famous. On the schedule, StartGo S1 with a price of Rp 499.000 from the normal price Rp 699.000.

Advan StartGo S1 offers you the possibility of monitoring the activities of health starts from the counter-heart rate, foot step, until the quality of sleep. It is a standard features that owned by StartGo S1, then there are functions a more formidable possession of this smartwatch? Following our review.

StartGo S1 BoxStartGo S1 Box