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The first edition of Ciao – Review Lucio Dalla

An exciting evening that yesterday evening at the Teatro Celebrations in Bologna inaugurated “Ciao – Lucio Dalla review”. The event, conceived by Pressing Line and iCompanywas created to reward artists and works that reflect and embody the visionary and experimental approach that has characterized the long career of the Bolognese singer-songwriter to whom it is dedicated, who would have celebrated his 80th birthday just tomorrow.

To win the much coveted award designed by Mauro Balletti and inspired by the song Dance Dance Dancer were five artists and producers, among the most renowned protagonists of the current pop – and not only – scene.

The first name that catches the eye is that of Mara Sattei, fresh from her experience at Sanremo 2023, to whom the statuette goes for the best artist category. Among the participants in the award-winning festival there are also Colapesce and Dimartinofor the soundtrack category with their own Crazy things. Always linked to the Sanremo festival, even if from behind the scenes, he wins the award for best producer biasthe very young producer de The good in the bad, piece brought to the competition by Madame. Among the winners also an institution of the Italian rap scene such as Luchèwho won the best song award with his Stones don’t fly.

The inevitable Cesare Cremonini won the best project categorywith its exciting reinterpretation of Starfishwhich sees the posthumous presence of Lucio Dalla himself.

But the prizes don’t end there. In fact, the “CIAO Contest la musica di domani” was also held, dedicated to emerging artists and won by Miglio for the song category and Francesco Faggi for the producer category.

The Lucio Dalla review also gave space to young Bolognese talents with the QN il Resto del carlino prize assigned to Giuse The Liza.

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