Review of DIDDY – “The Love Album: Off The Grid”

“The Love Album: Off the Grid” is the new studio album by Sean John Combs. The first released as Diddy, but also the first solo album by Sean Combs in all his forms, be it Puffy, Puff Daddy or P Diddy, in 17 years.

Absolutely a comeback album, featuring the elite of R&B music across 23 tracks and an hour and a half of music.

A list of special guests, more like the VIP list of a super exclusive club in Miami. Guests such as The-Dream, Herb Alpert, Nova Wav, Busta Rhymes, Dawn Richard, Kalenna, Nija, Jozzy, Jacquees, Fabolous, Swae Lee, Summer Walker, French Montana, The Weeknd, 21 Savage, Justin Bieber, Jazmine Sullivan , Ty Dolla Sin, Kehlani, Coco Jones, Kalan.FrFr, K-Ci, Mary J. Blige, Teyana Taylor, Jeremy, Burna Boy, Babyface, John Legend and HER

Diddy’s duality as an artist and producer shines through and is shown in “The Love Album”, which is, after all, not a solo album, but something written by and featuring Diddy. and constant cooperation.

This album was not created to feed an algorithm or fit the trends of the times, it was created to touch souls and freely express my history with the best artists, writers and producers shaping the future of R&B,” Ha Diddy explained to Variety. .

The album opens with a bang Brought my lovean ecstatic encounter with sweet ’70s soul, complete with samples Hypnotize 1997, co-produced with Biggie. What awaits us next is a velvety universe of R&B and sensual bedroom songs.
You can hear Kraftwerk perform R&B with Busta Rhymes in Deliver to me or stylish soul versions of Prodigy in the following Stay a while.
Pick up
this is pure honey as well Stay long.

One of the album’s highlights is, without a doubt, Another one of me where the collaborations get really heavy: French Montana, The Weeknd and 21 Savage.
Quartet moving between rolls in the style of Phil Collins On air tonight.

Before there’s another superstar collaboration Intermission where there is an excerpt from the 1971 David Porter song (I’m afraid) The masquerade is over.

IN Moments there’s a super R&B version of Justin Bieber, bye Need someone with Jazmine Sullivan is elegant and one of my favorites.
More stars in Mind Your Own Business (Bosses in Love) with Ty Dolla Sing and Kehlani. There is a place for such an orgasmic song as Nasty (Interlude) Bye
V I like Diddy goes back to the ’90s and meets Mary J. Blige again.
In conclusion, some more super honey Closer to God interlude with Burna Boy and two handsome guys Kim Porter with Babyface and John Legend, a tribute to his ex-wife, who died in 2018, and Space with her

An encyclopedic entry into how Diddy wrote the history of R&B.

RATING: 7.25


Brought my love – Need someone – Space


It’s hard to miss anything. Everything is super purple.


Brought My Love (featuring The-Dream and Herb Alpert)
What is love (with Nova Wav)
Deliver Me (with Busta Rhymes, Dawn Richard and Kalenna)
Stay a little (with Nija)
Coming Home (with Jozzy)
Pick Up (with Jacqui featuring Fabolous)
Tough Love (featuring Swae Lee)
Stay Long (feat. Summer Walker)
It Belongs to You (with Jozzy)
Another One of Me (with French Montana featuring The Weeknd and 21 Savage)
Intermission – 2:40 (Combs)
Moments (feat. Justin Bieber)
Need Somebody (feat. Jazmine Sullivan)
Mind Your Business (Bosses in Love) (feat. Ty Dolla Sign and Kehlani)
Nasty (Interlude) (with Jozzy)
Reachin’ (featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Coco Jones)
Stay, part 1 (with Kalan.FrFr and K-Ci)
I Like It (feat. Mary J. Blige)
Closer to God (feat. Teyana Taylor)
Buhu (featuring Jeremy)
Burna Boy Interlude (with Burna Boy)
Kim Porter (with Babyface featuring John Legend)
Space (feat. HER)


1997 – No Exit (Puff Daddy and Family)
1999 – Forever (Puff Daddy)
2001 – The saga continues… (P. Diddy and the family of bad guys)
2006 – Press play (Diddy)
2010 – Last Train to Paris (Diddy-Dirty Money)
2023 – Love Album: Off The Grid



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