Review of the Realme 6 of the Smartphone middle-class with the Performance of Wow, and the screen 90Hz


Are you looking for the four cameras, Realme 6. ( Yuslianson)

While you go into the category smartphone the middle layer, it does not mean that the ability of the camera Realme 6 underestimated.

Realme 6 comes with four settings of the camera with the composition, such as a lens, uw-8 MP, main camera resolution of 64MP sensor with Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright GW1, lens B&W 2MP and lenses dedicated macro-2MP.

In the meantime, for the Affairs of the selfie, Realme complement this series with 16MP-camera-shaped-Display Selfie or a camera embedded in the screen for the first time in the series of numbers Realme.

The results of the camera Realme 6.

How smartphone other Realme 6 has the HDR function, the Filter, Chroma Boost, Nightscape 3.0, AI scene recognition, and a focus lens. The difference, the company includes the new color Filter for portrait lens for B&W.

Test Camera Realme 6.

Portrait lens B&W has a system of color filters that are only able to detect that a plurality of light-wide help main lens during the absorption of light.

If you try to shoot during the day, the smartphone camera is able to capture the Details of objects, even when zoomed in. By default, photos are with a resolution of 16MP, but you can set it up so, 64MP, if necessary.

Camera-uw-on the Realme 6 is to produce in the location of photos with a wide field of view. Detail and image quality, minimal distortion at the edges is also quite good.

Test Camera Realme 6.

Test Camera Realme 6.Since macro-camera in this series do not have auto focus, so that you approach the subject distance of 4cm (more or less) on the images good. The output is limited to a resolution of 2MP.

In the dim light, the quality of the camera, so a little decline. But, after the fashion of the Nightscape is activated, the details come out much better.

Selfie-a photo with a resolution of 16MP also have Details good. Not to forget the maximum, the function to enable AI beauty or disable this function to the results of natural.

Test Camera Realme 6.

Test Camera Realme 6.

As for the video, the smart-phone recording of up to 4K in the intake main is capable of. In the operation itself, you can also select the option of recording in 1080p /60fps with the camera is the most important.

The front camera Realme 6 is also equipped with video bokeh effects in real-time and Slo-Mo-selfie with up to 120 fps, if you update OTA later on.