Review-Resident Evil 3-Remake-Demo: Nemesis Of The More Creepy!


Try the demo yet?

March 19, 2020 yesterday (when the article was written), demo game Resident Evil 3 Remake can be played on the PlayStation 4.

Of course, this is only a Game demo short and you can download for free, with a size of 8 GB less little.

Also, what is the impression of the beginning of Resident Evil 3-Remake? Let’s see checkits here!

1. A taste of the old in a new graphic

Review-Resident Evil 3-Remake-Demo: Nemesis Of The More Creepy! Ramadan

Definitely Yes, his name is also remakeso that elements of the old should still be there.

The problem, points sucks the game always there is the problem of the limited space that can be taken (as some the game Resident Evil other also).

I’m sometimes confused to dispose of certain goods to other goods, but in fact, it pleases, although it should be, the influence of the demo only, in order not to have too many boxes of Luggage near places Save game.

In addition, the zombies are also the same as in the version of the PS1, it took three to five times a new image can be disabled.

The advantages of the version remake this is, of course, better graphics, make Jill so it looks more charming.

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2. Raccoon City feels more alive with the atmosphere even more tense

Review-Resident Evil 3-Remake-Demo: Nemesis Of The More Creepy! Ramadan

One of the most “delicious” of the the game this is the freedom we are to bergerk (of course, when compared to the version of the PS1).

Raccoon city will feel alive with small details and the atmosphere the atmosphere is gripping, the was-had to be beaten to be afraid of a zombie while playing.

Nevertheless, there are some areas, which I think is too dark.

3. Nemesis so scary!

Review-Resident Evil 3-Remake-Demo: Nemesis Of The More Creepy! Ramadan

As the title the gamehis Nemesis, the main monsters that you fight in are, the game this.

Version demohis own goal after that, when we confront the first with the Nemesis.

In the version of the PS1, if you think I’m meeting with Nemesis is still easy, just Dodge and shoot, so that a continuous.

Also Nemesis in the version remake this is creepy, and pretty difficult in some situations to be avoided.

I think the Nemesis version remake this is creepy in comparison to Mr. X the game previous especially the emergence of the Nemesis, the “jump” suddenly from everywhere.

I have not been able to provide a value, of course, because this is only demo and the duration of the game demo this is also very short (I finished only 22 minutes), but I can’t wait, stay tuned the game full.

You want to try it yourself the gamebe? Demo Resident Evil 3 Remake you can download on Steam, PS4, or Xbox One, you know!

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