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HAI-ONLINE.COM – In the middle of the competition, top-class smartphone with the specifications of the insane and large screen, Samsung the re-release of the phone entry is exactly level.

The mobile phone has been read the name of the Galaxy A01- “A zero”.

Phone, named Samsung in the category of “Ultra low cost” – it has the specs and the price on the bottom of the entry-level phones, namely the A10 and A10s.

First impressions HI, if you hold the phone directly to a bygone era miss, where the mobile phone use with one hand.

Compact shape, this could present certainly, thanks to the specifications of a lot of the word gahar.

You name it, as 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and the battery is only 3000mAh is.

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Even so, the phone is priced at Rp 1.5 million it already runs on the Android 10 UI 2.0 wrapped.

The actual decision, the Samsung use Android 10 plus UI 2.0 on Galaxy A01 nice, but this phone would feel it close again.

Dont want to, it should be fixed back to the SD-card into the slot available.

Talk about the expansion of the capacity, Galaxy A01 SD-Card slot itself is not, aka need the cost of the sim card 2.

About the camera. For the class Rp 1 jutaan, Galaxy A01 quality that can compete with the opponent class.

Galaxy A01

Doc. HI

Galaxy A01

In this phone focus, the depth camera is a 2MP sensor has the live. Yes, the camera there are two dude, 13MP and 2MP.

Overall, the phone is tiny, this is not meant for those who already know the old phone. But more for beginners.

People only the transition from a feature phone to a smartphone. Because everything is simple in this phone.

UI 2.0 also HAI can say, easy to use sih banget. So suitable for beginners, to sob, only if you want to be used as a second phone, sabi also nih. Cheap, small and light. (*)

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