Reza Baluchi arrested for trying to cross the Atlantic on a hamster wheel

Athlete Reza Baluchi arrested after trying to cross Atlantic on hamster wheel from Florida to LondonFlagler County Sheriff’s Office

He once again raised a challenge that many were quick to describe as “nonsense,” and again ended with the outcome of other ventures he’d raised: arrest. Reza Balochan Iranian athlete and activist living in the United States, also known as “Bubble Man”I think at this time across the atlantic in a hamster wheel Giant handmade specifically, Florida to Londonbut the U.S. Coast Guard arrested him near Tybee Island, Georgia, USA.

Baloch, 51, wants to sail more than 9,260 kilometers on his peculiar human-powered boat and is determined to achieve this goal no matter what.

On August 26, they tried to stop him, but the Coast Guard intercepted him at sea. According to the Daily Mail, citing the Flagler County Sheriff, just before that, being threatened Anyone who tries to arrest him take your life Use a 30cm knife and also make sure he has airborne bombs He denied this two days later.

Unable to provide the necessary documentation to prove that his challenge would proceed under safe conditions and with everything in order, United States Coast Guard Responsible for the case and They took him ashore against his will on September 1st.

Stand up for the noble cause, Baloch people, peace activistand then emphasizes that his goal is To raise funds for different charitynot only “for the homeless,” but also “for the Coast Guard, Police and Fire Departments,” who said in a statement reported by Fox 35 that they perform a “public service” to safety by “helping others.” “.

However, the goal he had been planning for more than two years was seen again. frustrated with authoritiesjust for your safety.

Without support ships or documents, he now faces new position Federal charges include obstruction and violation of harbormaster orders.

Other endeavors of “Bubble Man” Reza Baluchi

Reza Baloch’s dangerous challenge was not the only failed challenge in his history.He earned the nickname “Bubble Man” Trying to cross the Bermuda Triangle in a inflatable bubbles

it is in Year 2014 After an initial investment of 4,500 euros, he began building another “boat” on which he intended to travel from Florida to Bermuda and Puerto Rico and back to Miami. But his attempt again ended in arrest.authorities They arrested him off the coast of St. Augustine They even had to rescue him and, in addition to new charges, were issued with a hefty fine.

Baloch warned them that he was lost and could easily be captured by the Coast Guard.

Two years later, in 2016attempted the feat again, this time refurbishing his boat with a greater investment, and began his adventure in order to raise funds for abused children, Stopped again After a 32km sea journey.

None of the Coast Guard warnings worked, and try again.This is also the case 2021, although that trip was from St. Augustine to New York. The same ending, and today he made it clear that he fulfilled what he said at the time to the letter: “They may stop me four or five times, but I will never give up.”

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