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Erardo Gross:

Hello, in the segment of HERNANDO DEL AYER, José Luis talks about the butcher, and after listening to it, I sent the audio to Jorge Chiabrando, the butcher’s son. Jorge lives in Italy and asked me to thank José Luis Celli for these wonderful memories. Without further ado, I extend my sincere greetings to you…


If the police stopped me I would tell them “I’m going to the bar”

Juan Manuel:

What a shame what they are doing… they don’t let you eat with your family but you can go to a bar with strangers… all of this is profitable and comes from a municipality that handles this very badly… with the neighborhood The municipality has a lot of things clear….yesterday municipal staff should set an example and speak on municipality sidewalks without barriers and without alienation..lol..but tax paying turkeys….all control …

ATR Rally:

Attention pilots! On March 14 and 15, he arrived at Villa Nueva AT ALL RALLY! Three special tests are administered, with three passes for each test. Dare to experience the rally experience from the inside and join the ATR family! You can compete in any of the 19 categories in the UTV, motorcycle or quad championships. If you are an amateur or professional pilot, we have a place for you. Contact Andrés Schwander 3571352089 or through our social networks such as ATR A TODO RALLY CÓRDOBA on Facebook and ATRALLY on Instagram. We also leave you with the website www.atodorally.org


Hello, good afternoon! I found a wallet at Salusso Victor in Pampayasta. I’m from Villa Maria 353-5100396


Yesterday 09/09/2019 I went to the Triangle area. The state of the park is deplorable…for one thing, there is dirt, paper, and bags everywhere from people making it. On the other side were tall grasses. Very messy…the fact is a shame that this space which is so busy by local neighbors has not been maintained. These conditions must be maintained year-round, not just in spring/summer.

Adriana Ponce:

I would like you to tell Lourdes’ mother (a patient with cystic fibrosis) to contact Córdoba CF 0351154084017. www.cordobafq.or​.ar. It is a group of patients and professionals dedicated to solving the problem and providing support and solutions. greeting.Adriana


I love you Uga! ! ! I miss you very much.


While they are repairing the route within the city, head to Dalmasio where there are jumps where cars sometimes land and are very dangerous for those of us on motorcycles. -Or are they waiting for someone to kill themselves to fix it, as usual…?

Gustavo Huniken:

I am the father of an attendee at a United Nations event representing Afghanistan. If you have photos and videos of the event please email them to me so I can watch them with my son. Thank you so much. guhunicken@gmail.com

Mabel Sanchez:

Congratulations to all the dads out there and have a happy day! ! ! !especially to all my family


Good afternoon… I’m looking for an apartment or house for rent (without real estate). My number, 3534018465


Hold on berisoooooo and rock baby


Hold on to Beriso…Hernando is pumping…

Georgina Quirino:

Guess who I voted for? Hahaha!


I vote for the scrawny, beautiful, radiant Abel Pintos

Ernesto Dagati:

My daughter DEVORA DAGATTI, owns a piece of land located at 919 Soldado Carrascull Street in this city and although it is (or was) for sale, since an appointment twenty days ago, someone has shown interest in purchasing the said land, when I went While there I noticed that the surface of the site was completely covered by a mountain of dirt, I asked a neighbor and he told me that it had been there for three or four months and that they had brought it in trucks from the municipality. There are also roads. The town’s consortium, I went to the city hall and asked who ordered the laying of soil in the above place, they replied that it must be BENSO, an employee tried to talk to him on the phone but never got a reply, I called later to ask If there was any news, they told me no, so I left my mobile phone number so that BENSO could call me, and this did not happen until today, when I arrived at the city hall again and asked to speak with the government secretary Ander I contacted Liesl and the reply was that he was unable to assist me because he was very busy. Of course, the land tax payment receipt was sent to me three days ago, which means my daughter has to pay tax to the council on the assets she owns and has been appropriated by the council. It is unbelievable to see the poor education, mediocrity and arrogance of some municipal employees as they are nothing more than simple employees who are paid by taxes from neighboring countries and do not even deign to serve you.


Congratulations Argus! ! ! ! Because your dream has come true! So may you pursue more!


Thanks for answering yesterday’s question. Already listening to your broadcast on HERNANDO.congratulations

administration staff:

Jorge Rojas closed out the night.Estimated at 1 am

Isabelle Garreau:

When is JORGE Rojas scheduled to perform on Saturday? We are heading to a party and we are interested in the return time. Thank you in advance.


Can you tell us a little bit about Jorge Rojas? Thanks.


Hello, we are listening to the broadcast from the north of Villa del Totoral-Cba, 80 kilometers from the capital! 🙂 Getting ready to move soon and we will be living in Hernando!


Hello, do you know anything about children traveling to Cordoba?They are students of esc esteban echeverria and esc San Martin 9


Greetings to our colleague Antonella who accompanied us.


The page is great, but I can’t find the obituary.


I love the new website, super complete and updated, keep up the success

Cecilia. S. Rivero:

Hello, keep up the good work. congratulations! ! ! ! God bless you. Success! !


happy Anniversary

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