Ricardo Alfonsín on the electoral result: “The triumph of neoliberalism is not the best news”

The Argentine ambassador to Spain, Ricardo Alfonsin, analyzed the results of the legislative elections last Sunday and said that “the neoliberal right won.” He also expressed himself on the five seats that the games won Advance Freedom and Freedom Advances and he spoke of “ultra-right phenomena.” Finally, he supported the proposal for dialogue that Alberto Fernandez made the opposition last Sunday.

In dialogue with 990 No Story on La990, the national official maintained that the victory of Together for Change Sunday was the triumph of “the neoliberal right” at the country level and he argued that the result “is not the best news for the popular sectors.” “The triumph of neoliberalism in this election is not the best news”, he claimed.

As in other public appearances, Alfonsín expressed his support for Alberto Fernández and said that the message sent by the president to call for dialogue to various sectors was “very republican and patriotic”. I also assure that to build consensus today “you have to talk a lot“.

Consulted again by the results of the mid-term elections, he said about the victory of the opposition at the national level and his ideas “are not the best recipes to solve the problems of the popular sectors, workers, small merchants, retirees, the doctors, teachers “.

Alberto Fernández with Ricardo Alfonsín.

With a historical anchor, he asked to reflect on the models of government supported by the change-room space. “Anyone who reads a bit of how societies progressed will see that they did not progress when conservative or very liberal conceptions ruled,” he said.

On the other hand, he criticized the radical sector that is part of the opposition by saying that “Authentic radicalism understood as a system of ideas and values ​​has nothing to do with Cambiemos”.

IMF, Espert and Milei

Asked about another of the central issues that is part of the government’s agenda, such as the agreement with the IMF, Alfonsín called for Together for Change to support the initiative. “I hope that the opposition will rise to the occasion and accompany the position before the International Monetary Fund in Congress.”he asked.

He also followed the optimistic speech that the Frente de Todos tried to apply on Sunday and what will be, in the words of Alberto Fernández, the “celebration” of this Wednesday when an act of support of the CGT and some social movements is carried out for the President. For Alfonsín, from now on “there is a much more hopeful future than it was before the elections.”

  Milei and Espert 20211111

“At least for those of us who feared that there would be a result that would give the opposition so much power that it could block government action,” he was delighted about the government’s comeback in provinces such as Chaco and Tierra del Fuego, beyond the defeat at the country level.

In addition to criticizing Juntos por el Cambio, Alfonsín also referred to the elections of José Luis Espert and Javier Milei, in the province of Buenos Aires and in the City, respectively. According to the results, Avanza Libertad obtained three seats in deputies and the libertarian space in Buenos Aires territory two. “Politics should ask why these things happen, these ultra-right phenomena”, he concluded.

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