Riccione: at the Ristorante da Lele “Jazz Black” an event not to be missed for the fans

Romagna is ready to welcome an event not to be missed for fans of international jazz. From 23 to 27 August, the musical project “Jazz Black” starts, which will turn the picturesque Romagna into a magical stage for jazz music. This exceptional event, in which Marcello Sutera, musician and music producer from Romagna collaborates, will present world-famous artists. Among others, other artists from Rimini and Riccione collaborated on this work, such as, for example, the musician Aldo Maria Zangeri, the founder of “Rimini Classica” and the singer Rossella Cappadone.

Brightening these evenings will be Lee Pearson, a young American-born drummer and internationally acclaimed drummer known for his collaborations with musical icons such as Chris Botti, Sting and Spyro Jayra.

The band that will be performing is made up of exceptional talent, each with an outstanding career and experience. Among them is certainly Francesca Tandoi, a talented young pianist who has attracted the attention of the greatest artists with her first-class jazz performance and prestigious collaborations. In addition, Sutera, a respected bassist and producer with a resume that includes collaborations with the likes of Dennis Chambers, Peter Erskine, Gary Novak, Fred Wesley and Frank McComb, Trilok Gurtu, will be joining the lineup to further enrich the sound.

The exclusive guest of both evenings will be Dario Chiazzolino, an Italian guitarist and composer of world renown. In a career full of prizes and awards, Chiazzolino is a true ambassador of contemporary jazz, performing at the most important jazz festivals in Europe and the USA and playing in famous jazz clubs in many countries.

On the evening of 25 August, special guests will also take part: the Eos Quartet composed by Matteo Salerno on flute, Aldo Capiccioni on violin, Aldo Maria Zangeri on viola and Anselmo Pelliccioni on cello. To complete the already magical atmosphere, singer Rossella Cappadone, known for her successful collaborations, will give the audience moments of pure emotion.

Francesca Tandoi

The undisputed “rising star” of jazz, Francesca Tandoy, a virtuoso pianist, elegant vocalist, superb composer and outstanding bandleader, has for many years boasted worldwide success and critical and international acclaim. He graduated summa cum laude from the prestigious “Royal Conservatory of The Hague” and received a Special Mention of Commission, as well as a master’s degree from the Codarts Conservatory and the University of the Arts in Rotterdam. Among many others, he has collaborated with artists such as Scott Hamilton, Philip Harper, Joe Cohn, Owen Hart Jr., Darius Brubeck, Anthony Pinciotti, Lee Pearson, Jason Brown, Darryl Hall, Dave Blankhorn, Marjorie Barnes, Florin. Nicolescu, Sergey Manukyan and many others. Michael League invited her to join Snarky Puppy during their live concert at Umbria Jazz 2023. She has participated in some of the most important jazz festivals around the world such as North Sea Jazz, Umbria Jazz, Cork Jazz, Breda Jazz, Amsterdam Arena. Stadium, Bosendorfer Piano Festival and more in the US, Indonesia, India, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Turkey, Israel and across Europe. He appears on more than twenty recordings, three of which are as pianist in the quartet of renowned saxophonist Scott Hamilton. In recent years, it has been a trio formula that has been closer to her, giving her wide freedom of expression of original intensity, in which she maintains a strong connection with tradition, but with thoughts always directed to the future. As the leader of his trio from 2014 to date, he has already released seven albums “For Elvira”, “Something Blue”, “Magic Three”, “Hope”, “When in Rome”, “Bop Web” and ” wind dance. The latter appears in the ranking of “Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2017” by the famous Japanese magazine “Jazz life”. The same magazine defines her as one of the most interesting young talents on the European jazz scene. Over the years he has given several masterclasses under the title “The Art of Arranging for Piano Trio”, for example at Washington University St. Europe. In addition, he is professor of jazz piano at the GBMartini conservatory in Bologna.

At your place:

August 23, Wednesday – Montegrimano (operational zone)

Thursday 24 August – Darsena del Sale in Cervia

Friday, August 25 – Darsena del Sale Cervia (with Quartetto Eos and Rossella Cappadone)

Saturday 26 August — Corinaldo Jazz Festival, Goldoni Theater

Sunday, August 27 – Riccione – Ristorante da Lele

Marcellus Sutera

Sutera Tandoy Pearson

Marcellus Sutera

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