Rich Paul: ‘LeBron James’ path was much more complicated than Michael Jordan’

The debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan over who is the best player in NBA history seems like it will go on forever. Now, Rich Paul, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s agent, gave his thoughts on why his client is better than the six-time champion..

Paul attended Gill Arena Showa podcast with former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, and claims LeBron’s path through the league has been further complicated by his constant presence in the news..

“Mike transcended the game. When Kobe came, Kobe was the silhouette of Mike. That’s it, it’s awesome. But LeBron is the first player to have to deal with a 24/7/365 cycle of sports news and opinion” Paul said. “I don’t even have the skills or experience to give a valid opinion. “

Later, the businessman insisted that criticism of James was stronger than criticism of Jordan’s era. Paul even pointed out New York Times reporter Peter Vecsey new york post Being “his air”‘s biggest critic.

“Besides, ‘I’m really not going to do it the way you guys want me to do it.'” I might decide how I want to do it. We all know things aren’t going well, right? and then, In this sports society has created such an environment, now you have to support yourself.This was another thing Mike never had to deal with, as his harshest critic was probably Peter Vesey“.

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LeBron James has been compared to Jordan, however. Who do you compare MJ to?

Paul further differentiated James and Jordan, stating: The former Bulls and Wizards player doesn’t have anyone to compare himself to, which makes his path to the NBA that much easier..

“I just think LeBron’s horns are platinum and Michael Jordan’s horns are probably gold. Because? Because you have to compare him to Mike. Who should Mike be compared to?

Jordan marked a shift from a big man-dominated game to a perimeter offense. Great players who can be compared to Jordan are Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

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