Richmond’s Zen Day Spa hits Veterans Level of Bacteria – NBC Bay Area

The Contra Costa County Public Health Department reported Monday that samples taken from hot spring water in Richmond contained high levels of Legionella.

The investigation began after local hospitals notified them that two people infected with the bacteria had died. The victim visited Zen Day Spa, located at 12230 San Pablo Blvd, on August 4 and became ill.

Authorities reported that the business had been closed since Aug. 5 and ordered the owner to conduct a thorough cleaning of the affected space and remove a jacuzzi found in the store.

Hot tubs in commercial spas or massage parlors typically require a health permit and are regularly inspected by the Department of Public Health. The tubs at Zen Day Spa are not licensed and have never been inspected by the health department.

“As we continue to experience climate change, it becomes increasingly important for businesses and individuals who own hot tubs to properly maintain hot tubs and pools,” said Contra Costa County Health Officer Dr. Ori Tzvieli. Warmer temperatures make it easier for Legionella and bacteria to grow and multiply in water that is not properly treated.”

Legionnaires bacteria can cause severe pneumonia. While bacteria naturally live in fresh water, if the water is not maintained properly, bacteria can grow in hot tubs and swimming pools, creating health problems. People can become infected after inhaling the mist that contains the bacteria. The disease does not spread from person to person.

In addition to the two people who died from the illness, as of August 21, CCH has identified two other people who had visited the establishment and reported feeling unwell.

During the investigation, 30 people who had visited the spa were contacted.

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