Ricky Martin, Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron and some famous ones have already been taken against the coronavirus Show, The Fat and The Thin


alejandra, age 12, rúl.

rúl: “gentlemen, we have a lot of

the things in the program, as well

today. but the thing is…

those who see peículas of

in hollywood, and they think that the

the world over, this

you can think how it will be


the coronavirus is

taking more and more from all over the world.

at the moment there is quite a bit

in the stock market

just finished one of the

érdidas the great in the

history. you have just lost

for the present, despés to be

lost more than 2000 points

the other 1000 points on the other

so, to say to them, ” if you will

do you think removing it tomorrow, esás

good and evil.

right now, they’re preocupacón it

the portal publió photos

various well-known players

áscara face, which was

the opposite of the iícito I’ll post it

I have to walk around on the plane.

alejandra: exactly, kim

kardashian, floyd mayweather,

ricky martin-everybody put

fotograías, and also to the artists

Latin. I’m… for it

I don’t think you have to do it.

a lot of people can cheat for

what are you doing

rúl: no, that is not to be underestimated.

alejandra, a lot of people, I if you


rúl: that is not unreasonable

nothing, that is, to avoid

or you can do it. and if you ride

in a avón I don’t montaía

but the áscara.

there are so many people who say that the

áscara and help others

the doctors have said that it is not

help, to no avail. it does not matter

qé-type áscara to be.

alejandra: but that’s not all


rúl that say they can help you,

there are other doctors that say,

that won’t help you.

alejandra: no. 95, which is the

áscaras that place

édicos when you’re going to get

quiófano patients with

do you have any disease,

disease. you have to help

in any way.

rúl: and now there is a coronavirus

around the world, in all of the

continents and less in the anártica.

have been reported from all over the world

as a whole. I, in fact, that I am

concerned. personally, I’m in

worried about that at all.

I was able to have the joy of

to be one hundred, and the peak of the

countries of the world. I am