Ricky Valentina on TikTok: “Ariana Grande took my boyfriend too”

Ariana Granderecently divorced Dalton Gomezmakes a lot of noise for him dating a co-star Wicked Ethan Slaterknown for the role Spongebob on Broadway.

Ethan also reportedly recently separated from his wife, they have been in a relationship since college and became parents in 2022.

The birth attendance dynamic between Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater doesn’t add much to public opinion for the two actors. In fact, it is said that they were originally just friends and that Ariana visited Ethan in the presence of his wife and son., taking the baby in her arms and expressing a desire to start a family too early. She and Ethan then grew closer and closer, exchanging affections on set.

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Lilly Jay, Ethan’s (ex) wifedescribed by a close source as “devastated but strong and focused on raising her child.” she would say, “Ariana is not the kind of girl who supports other girls. My family is just a side effect. She and Dalton Gomez are at the core of the story.”

With this necessary prerequisite, Ricky Valentine comes into play..

The musician, riding the wave of gossip and media hype, posted a video to TikTok, writing: “When Karma finally exposes Ariana Grande for stealing my boyfriend in 2010.”

The clip is going viral, with over 5 million views so far, so users, intrigued, asked her to share a “storytime”, that is, a detailed description of the story.

Ricky Valentine didn’t have to say it twice and uploaded a second video in which she revealed, “I didn’t think another video would blow up so quickly. And I’m very sorry for the way I phrased the sentence, I shouldn’t have said “stole” because of course he was more guilty than her, but she knew what she was doing! And also, the only reason I’m bringing this up, because I’ve been through it, is because I didn’t know that (Ariana) had taken so many lives, and when I found out, it really pissed me off, and then … stand in the way between marriage and a child. Something needs to be said because he obviously doesn’t understand why he’s been doing this for so long.”

Ricky wants to stress with this incipit that it is right to hold the unfaithful partner solely responsible for the infidelity, given that he owes his partner first, but … he discovers Ariana’s habit of always falling into love triangles. “curious” is hard.

woman talking Really “victims” in the plural, because, in addition to her and Lilly Jay, other ex-Arianas, with whom she allegedly began a relationship, were discussed on social networks when they were still engaged to their previous partners: You understand Big Seanat that time engaged to a tragically and prematurely deceased actress Naya Rivera or Pete Davidson who was with Shit David.

But back to history: “In 2009, I dated a guy named Christian, who was four and a half years older than me. Big mistake number one. And that he is an actor. Big mistake number two. I should have foreseen this. He was very manipulative in this relationship as he almost kept me a secret. He was my first boyfriend, so I didn’t think there was anything weird about it. Ah, and then he also asked me for all my passwords for all my social networks, like “oh, you have to give me your passwords for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter.” And then I asked him and he gave them to me. what do you mean.”

Okay, obviously he was a living red flag, let’s get on with it: “He got a role in victorious. It was like a TMZ series. And when he returned from the casting, someone was with him, and I heard it on the other end of the line when we chatted on video. And I’m like, “Who’s talking to you?” And he’s like, “You know that girl with the red hair, Ariana, from victorious? Yes, we are friends. So I thought, “Oh, okay, cool.” I didn’t think anything bad.”

Ricky adds: “After a while, really, I asked him: “Hey, what are you talking about?” And he said, “Are you asking me what a good suit to wear to seduce a 40-year-old man?” That’s when I realized that something was wrong. I don’t know if it was true or if she was just trying to impress him, but it’s still very strange to say it. I was homeschooled for a while, and recently had the opportunity to finally attend prom. I asked him to come with me and he said he couldn’t because we had to keep the relationship a secret. Again I was an idiot. Eventually the dance comes and it leaves me.“.

However, guided by an unmistakable female sixth sense, she feels that something is hiding behind the cause of the gap, and in fact: “Remember I had his passwords, right? I went to his Facebook and saw a lot of messages between him and Ariana arranging a meeting behind my back (when we were still together). They saw each other on set victorious and in her dressing room.

Things are getting darker and darker and worthy of a TV series: “At the time, I was friends with Ariana on Facebook, and then contacted her. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I thought, “Maybe he told her he didn’t have a girlfriend. Or maybe she doesn’t know about me.” So I sent her this long text like, “Hey girl, I don’t know if you know, but I dated Christian while you were together and he cheated on me with you.” And I just wanted you to know that because he was with me when he was with you too. You know? Watch each other’s backs. That’s what girl code is.”

“Do you know what she did? He blocked me! I sent her all the pictures of us together and she blocked me. So, I went to Christian’s Facebook profile and sent her a message: “What the hell, why did you block me? It’s not very pleasant.

“He realized I was on his Facebook and kicked me out. After all, they were still together. I don’t know if they were official or anything, but they had matching Facebook profile pictures that I found on my old computer.”

Final turn: “In the end, I have to thank her, because if not for her, I would never have met my boyfriend, whom I am now married to! So, it worked out for the best. I also wrote a song about my former cheater that got 28,000 streams. This is a good result for an independent artist. Ah… I guess Ariana cheated on him, so he crawled up to me and apologized. And I said “Hello” to him!

HELLO?! exclaim thanks next” that would be even more symbolic!

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