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Ride 4 graphics look like they were taken from real life

Ride 4 is a Milestone motorcycle simulator game that was released on PS5 earlier this year. Despite being on the market for almost eight months, a video with gameplay by YouTuber, Joy Of Gaming, has reached more than a million views in a couple of days thanks to its photorealistic appearance.

The video shows a first-person motorcycle race in the rain, and the combination of high frame rate, head shake, camera shake, and cloudy weather make it look the closest to real life. that can be seen a racing game.

It’s not hard to understand why the clip has gone viral so quickly, as it could be mistaken for a high-resolution GoPro recording. A comment below the video says: “Look at this in 144p, it literally looks like real life“while others comment that it is one of the best looking games they have seen.

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It is important to note that there are several things that seem to make images appear more realistic. For starters, the weather conditions seem to make the game look more photorealistic than other weather conditions.

The images also come from the game’s replay mode, which adds all the head movement and camera movement. These two elements combine to make the visuals appear incredibly realistic, although the game still looks pretty impressive on its own, it’s clear that a specific set of factors is what makes the game stand out so much.

This viral clip has also prompted some gamers to recall other photorealistic racing games, such as Driveclub on PS4. A Twitter user shared his own clip of Driveclub in the rain, noting that this is an eight-year-old game that was never updated for PS4 Pro and that it still looks just as good as some PS5 titles.

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