Ridley Scott is working on a live-action television series and the pilot episode is already written.

Friends, we return to the future world of replicants. In a recent BBC interview to promote ‘The Gucci House’, Ridley Scott has assured that he is working on a television series from ‘Blade Runner’. And when we say working, they have already written the pilot episode and the project’s bible.

A series that would consist, for the moment, of about ten episodes (hours), hinting that that would only be the beginning. The details of this new installment of the franchise are still unknown to us except for the fact that, unlike the recently released animation, it would be a fiction in real image.

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For the rest, we still do not know if it happens before, after or between ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’ nor about what this new fiction will revolve. What we do know is that Alcon Entertainment has been looking for ways to expand more and more the universe conceived by Philip K. Dick for some time.

Along with this news, the British filmmaker has also ensured that the work on the ‘Alien’ series is still running and that this series would also consist of between eight and ten episodes. Recall that the adaptation of the xenomorphic saga is being carried out by Noah Hawley for the FX channel.

Regardless of this, let’s remember that Scott is still on the board of ‘Raised by Wolves’, whose second season HBO Max is preparing.

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