Rife WFH, subscription Film in Mubi Paid Just Usd 16,000 for 3 months


KOMPAS.com – Policy work from home (WFH) was carried out, in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Most of the people prefer to stay at home.

See, in this moment, a provider of Film-streaming service Mubi decided to use the discounted prices to its customers, so there is almost free of charge.

With the spend in the amount of 1 US dollar (Usd 16.400) of course, now the customers can enjoy the entire service Mubi during the next three months.

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In General, customer-Mubi-is calculated at a rate of 11 US dollars (Usd $ 180,000) for each month of the subscription.

Mubi is a service streaming the film presents a series of interesting content. In addition to the popular movie, most of the films that Mubi is marked by film Festivals from Europe.

Other movies are different from the services, Mubi also serves the curatorial critic different every day. Interestingly each film is only in the cinema for 30 days only.

Customers enjoy the service Mubi through a variety of devices, such as mobile phones, tablet, TV game consoles.

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In order to receive this offer, you can go directly to the website Mubi in the following links.

In addition to Mubi, internet service providers and TV cable Telkom also in the promotion by opening the whole Channel TV your to Wednesday (25/3/2020).

With the adoption of this promo, the product is not certain requirements or special regulations. Customers can enjoy the whole channel UseeTV, without exception.

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