Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky, tender moments in public. The rapper carried his girlfriend in his arms after spending time in a bar in New York

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky have become one of those May meditated couples in the industry music American, for which appearances their are always hunted of paparazzi.

Both artist were seen The past days in the New York, after a night of partying in the company May many friends. May lovers that never, A $ AP Rocky, in the age for 32 years, and Rihanna, in the age 33 years old, they decided to does not May hide from the eyes of the world, offering to the paparazzi and the present a true show then When rapper and-a carat girlfriend in the hands until to car which him wait in the parking.

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TMZ reported that the pair was seen jut from May many bars in the over night, sign that the two spent until in the zori. Rihanna wore a dress mini and heels in other for their night long, in the time what the rapper opted for a carriage casual, formed of shorts, a black T-shirt and a cap cornflower.

A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna, Photo: Profimedia

Although it is not clear if A $ AP Rocky’s gesture was determined by affection which he wears to the one he considerablythe chosen oneor of the fact that singer BEHAVE heels very in other, which him could cause pain, it certainly is that the moment was appreciated by all those around.

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Rapper ASAP Rocky has confirmed that he is in love with Rihanna

Rocky, very private with everything to do with his personal life, gave an interview-event for GQ, in which he also talked about his love for Rihanna, which he said he is “The chosen one”.

“The love of my life, my lady,” said the rapper, who added that life is “much better” since he was in love. “Life is so much better when you find your chosen one. She makes a million of the others. When you know, you know. She’s chosen.”, Rocky said ASAP about Rihanna.

Rumors about the couple formed by the two artists have appeared since 2013, but in the meantime, each has been involved in other relationships. However, they have found each other, and now they love each other more than ever.

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