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We know this: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship is on the rise. They are expecting their second child and always enchant us every time they step onto the red carpet. What else can be missing in this idyll of love? Probably a wedding. But, judging by some of the statements that the rapper let slip at one of his last concerts, this ceremony may have already taken place. In fact, a few days ago during a performance in Cannes, he decided to dedicate the song to his soul mate, but calling her his wife. It could be the pet’s name or a confirmation that the couple said yes for life.

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Ever since they’ve been dating – around November 2020 – they’ve always stated that they’re very much in love. Love was also born out of the long friendship that previously bound them. In less than three years of being in a relationship, they started a family, decided to slow down their work commitments to devote themselves more to their children, and, at least until now, it didn’t seem like marriage was among their top priorities. Obviously, there was neither confirmation nor refutation from either side, so there are some doubts that the ceremony really took place.

Perhaps, as has already happened with two pregnancies, this news will be formalized in the most incredible way. Last time it was the turn Super Bowlwhat else could be a worthy event?

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