Rihanna arrives at the age of 32, some of the images of the three-day celebration is going to begin to filter out the News of the Savior


The celebration included cake, mariachis, and a dinner in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Mexico

Rihanna and its closest relatives, it takes about three days of celebrating in great style the anniversary of the singer barbadense), and some social media accounts started to filter out to the movies a few times.

The pop star, who turned 32 years old on Thursday, the 20th of February, and a large group of family and friends, have come to Mexico on Wednesday, and have some way to go to your hotel to rest and recuperate from the trip, later that same day, they all met at a restaurant in which to savour the many wonders of cooking from the lands of the host.

“Rihanna is enjoying her birthday in Mexico. He invited his friends and relatives to celebrate his 32 years with her. On Wednesday, they went out to dinner, and then spent most of the night dancing to the music. They were accompanied by a group of mariachis, and they didn’t stop to take a shot of tequila,” said a source to the website in the news The E! News.

Delight culunarias

The famous singer, who has recently returned to the bed after the demise of their relationship of three years with the employer for saudi arabia Hassan Jameelhe would have also enjoyed, on that same night, several of the cakes you made especially for her, as well as a slice of a large size, which, however, is just one of the many gifts that you receive in the course of their stay in mexico.

“The festival was a purely mexican, balloon, decorated with a very colourful and all kinds of elements that are typical of the country. They danced to the sound of mariachis, and they ate the cupcakes and large cake. The party lasted all night, and it was only the first day,” said the same informant.