Rihanna displays her body in the interior of the underwear of the lace


“Rihanna is a performer of The “Only girl in the world” he has published a snapshot of where the desire to push to their followers, because it is based on the figure, with lingerie lace and transparency.

An internationally known recording artist, actress, model, fashion designer, actress, film, diplomacy, a writer, and filántropabarbadense and in a business way and his followers your photos of a heart attack.

His full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty and it is well-known for changing her image constantly, for years, putting fashion and is one of the favorite celebrity in the audience.

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Rihanna is active in the middle of the show the year 2003to your success, it is well-known, not only in music but also in other types of projects in which you have participated in, movies, tv shows, movies.

It was released as a book, perfume, prouctos many it was also a great design of fashion, you might say, one of the latest projects launched a line of underwear and intimate apparel all of which seem to have a very good acceptance from the public, both female and male.

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“The show starts in 20 minutes!!! To get these styles and more middle of the night savagex.com” Rihanna has shared a publication, which he did.

In the photo, the words appear as I lay in the several press of the road, close by, you may see a window that lets in the rays of the moon, and a light bulb turned on, such as the model in his own line of clothing, and you can be a big plus for your products.

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The shine on a black one delicious and tight to the body Rihanna shows of the piece, stretching it a little bit, his arms on which he or she is wearing a couple of gloves that you estilizan your body in the position it is in.

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The artist “The Umbrella” originally from Barbados, apparently, has chosen the land of mexico in order to celebrate the arrival of his more than 32 years of age, this can be seen in your stories on Instagram.

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