Rihanna don’t hesitate to ask for justice for the murder of Breonna Taylor


Rihanna is currently engaged in a full-on movement, ‘Black Lives Matter’showing up, giving money to different organizations, and “noisy” on social media. The singer is following calling for justice for the death of Breonna Taylor, who was murdered by the police and the united states in march, in Louisville.

Breonna had received a deadly shot in the police when they arrived at her home, while picking up people suspected of selling drugs, something that is not had a chance to try. Rihanna asks for justice for the death, and their killers remain on the loose that killed him on march 13, 2020. “We had more than 100 days have passed since that, Breonna Taylor, has been murdered!! Your killers are in the house watching Netflix on the couch. The nose is in America?!”, he expressed it in your social networks.

And that’s that the Barbadian was aware of the police brutality against certain groups in the United States and you want to get it over with. The killing of George, the Band have also appeared, claiming that he did not believe what was going on, because, months before, had been shot and killed another black person, in addition to Breonna, Ahmaud Arbery.

The killing of black people at the hands of police officers of which did not end in the United States, which started the movement of ‘Black Lives Matter’ after the murder, in George’s Career. A events that are not suspended until the end to police violence and racism. Many of the people accused of starting a war, but they say that they are not trying to start a war, and if that is not what they are trying to end one.”

Hundreds of celebrities from all over the world have joined the cause, making donations, and actions reivindicativos for the movement of theMadonna, Ricky Martin, Ariana Grande, Kanye West’s Wife’s Hair, Jennifer Aniston, Shawn Mendes, and The Weeknd, even Though Lauren and Bidasoa, Jennifer Lopez and Rosalia de castro, among others. If each one of us puts in one little part of her, and we fight together, against racism, and for some we will be able to put a stop to it.


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