Rihanna gave birth? Here’s everything we know!

Rihanna gave birth and also gave birth to her second child! Here’s everything we know about RZA’s little brother.

Remember Rihanna’s recent pregnancy announcement during the Super Bowl show in front of thousands of people? Her stomach tied everyone to the screen and intrigued everyone, even those who were not a fan of the singer! Now, months later, Looks like you’ve received confirmation of the birth of your second child.. Now she and ASAP Rocky officially became the parents of two beautiful children. Here are all the details!

Also this time baby boy, like the older RZA (this is the name of the first child of the couple). However, the baby’s name is yet to be revealed, however, according to TMZ, it should start with an “R” so first speculation can officially begin! Again, the same tabloid clarifies that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s baby was actually supposed to be born a few days ago, August 3rd to be exact. Therefore, the child will be born under the sign of Leo.

While the first son Rihanna and ASAP Rocky is now a year and three months old. If you remember correctly not even RZA, we immediately knew this name. Although it took some time, however, in the end, it was revealed. So all you need is a little patience! When do you think we will find out the name of the second child? But first of all, what will it be called?

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