Rihanna gets crazy with their fans and posing in brown lingerie


The author of the famous song “theDiamonds“made him mad all his followers on Instagram after posting a picture where it shows a hot blonde in lingerie flaunting her great attributes.

This is a picture of where to promote one of his projects to lingerie, something that made the album this is off of the stage for the past four years.

At just 31 years of age, Rihanna is not only in love and established in the world of music, but it has also had a major hit with the fashion, the makeup, and the brand of underwear Some of the x-Fenty.

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The picture posted shows a look at the costume color is pink, and that shows in the perfection of her figure from the back, and you end up with a red heart in the midst of her great rear at which a few men could resist.

Click here to see the boldness of the photo of Rihanna.

This photo, apparently, was inspired by and has been done for the day Valentine’s Day in the past year.

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Looking at the set in pink is designed with the heart of the fashion designer, caused a lot of furor in his account of Instagram, where they posted the image, which appears in such the bold part.

Without a doubt, this is one of the more and more iconic in the present day, and, of course, is not afraid of you at all, the the critical the consequences of the change, and also the criticism very much the positive on a couple of occasions.

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The posting to the time account for more than The 5-million-of-hearts – and thousands of thousands of comments, and where you can improve the sculptural figure the Rihanna.

The singer is regarded as one of the the most influential women in over the past few years, as it is a artist with many years of experience in the music, and, of course, in other sectors as well.