Rihanna moves up the derrier non-stop, in the middle of the concert, and not wanting him to incrustou and so on


Singer Rihanna gets crazy with their fans with their bold moves, which are full of madness

The singer and Rihanna is, without a doubt, one of the artists recognized in the art world, and therefore, from the outset, it is becoming well-known for her singing and moves on stage.

She is, without a doubt, it has become an icon in art and many of her fans love to see her sing and dance in their performances, full of emotions and feelings and found this beauty.

Recently, we met up with an audio / visual materials, and that he left all of his fans love it, from one moment to the other, the performer moves on in the derrier without a stop at a mini short.

The one that really catches the attention is that if you want to Cheating you if you to incorporate in your shorts there, and she showed no discomfort at the front of the audience, but for anyone else it is an open secret that this is a life-threatening.

The concert, which we see in the video, to see if it is full of life, in addition to this, she is accompanied by her band and her dancers to those who have been following non-stop throughout the entire song.