Rihanna teased Josh Hart, with a picture of an epic LeBron James


LeBron James it is not something that any human being could have, at her time of 17 the best basketball in the world. Runs, hits, is to strip the paint, and even if it rises to the sky, to the victimizar younger players.

This is exactly what has happened with the Josh Hart when you The Los Angeles Lakers they met in front of the The New Orleans Pelicans. On a fast break, the King is left completely humiliated with your ex-partner.

He with a focused emphasis Hart had no choice but to stand fully on his face, as he was afraid for his humanity, which was to be for posterity.

If that wasn’t enough, James has posted a photo and a video of this sequence in your account of Instagram, as it is always used for the entire season, and the play is extremely prominent.

This post, Rihanna is just killing the promotion in social networks, asking the question, “I’m Hart, are you all right?”and generating roars of laughter from the thousands and tens of thousands of the followers of James on the social networking site.

You mean, RiRi!

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