Rihanna the most ‘transparent’ draws attention at an airport


Rihanna takes a couple of years ago that has completely disappeared from the music industry. But that doesn’t mean that he is going through all this has led to, or even less. Simply, it is now concentrating its efforts on other things, and many other businesses. And you’re doing all you can to develop your qualities as an entrepreneur, proving that it can dominate the other markets.

In particular, in that it draws the attention to the ex-Chris Brown’s clothes. In fact, he has worked with a variety of brands, and the face is visible. But that’s not the only one, because she has already posed for the brand of underwear, glasses, or even a bag. And this is the one that you sponsored in the last photo, it left all of the ice cream, because it is at least curious

And it is to that of Barbados, it appears that there seems to be an airport or a railway station. Getting ready for a road trip, the one that catches the eye is that it takes you to pack a suitcase for the trip… completely seamless! Therefore, it leaves pretty much everything it takes to look at. It is something which has caused a furor in the social networks, where they would give credit to what they saw with their eyes.

People alucinó with the extravagance and audacity of the Cheating, and he showed off his dumbfoundedness. Without a doubt, is a fashionable and daring, and that very few people will follow. Because your privacy is very important to the majority of the people.

The people are in disbelief

Of course, his followers and showed his dumbfoundedness in the face of such a picture. Because there can be no doubt that there is something very much in common…

“And for the noses, I want a bag, a transparent?”, “Look, there’s useless stuff, but this takes the palm, “That’s the strange thing that I’ve ever seen.” “There is this for real?” and, “the Better to devote himself to music, which is the place for you, and leave you with the trendy” I read it in the comments.