Rihanna’s 28-year-old cousin dies after her brother was shot dead 6 years ago

Tanella Alleyn, Rihanna’s 28-year-old cousin, died on Sunday, August 13. Death came suddenly, just 6 years after the death of his brother Tavor, who was shot dead. The cause of death was not disclosed.

She died at just 28 years old. Tanella Alleynecousin Rihanna. Death came suddenly on August 13, and the funeral was celebrated this week at the parish church of St. George in Barbados. Just six years ago, he was Tanella’s brother. Tavorto lose his life. A young man was shot dead on Boxing Day. Tanella was deeply attached to her cousin Rihanna, with whom she grew up. Popular also thanks to his connection with the famous pop star, his Instagram profile had about 50 thousand subscribers.

Rihanna at her 28 year old cousin’s funeral

Together with relatives, Rihanna attended the funeral of her cousin Tanella. The pop star was seen crying in front of the coffin. Second Loop Barbados Newswill be played during the ceremony Lift me up, a song released by Rihanna last year. In 2017, Tanella identified a cousin”sister, mentor, prayer partner, and a shoulder to lean on.“. It was the singer who in different years shared on Instagram a series of private pictures in which she was captured next to her cousin. Tanella Alleyn’s life has already been marked by several bereavements. In 2003, a young girl lost her biological mother due to HIV-related complications. On the other hand, her twin sister died when they were both 14 years old. Six years ago, Brother Tavor was shot dead by an unknown person. He was only 21 years old. After the death, the Barbados police launched an investigation, but the results were never officially released.

The cause of Tanella Alleyn’s death is unknown.

Causes of death of a 28-year-old boy they were not disclosed. However, the foster mother said that a CT scan taken a few weeks before the disappearance revealed the presence of a “black spot”. No other details in connection with this were disclosed.

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