Rihanna’s cousin Tanella Alleyne has died at the age of 28. In 2017, the cousin of the pop star Tavor was murdered.

In 2017, her cousin called her “a sister, a mentor, a prayer partner and a shoulder to lean on.”

Mourning for Rihanna. Her cousin died at the age of 28. Tanella Alleyne. The death occurred on August 13 last year, and the funeral was celebrated this week at St. George’s Parish Church in Barbados. Six years after Tavor (cousin) was shot dead on Boxing Day, it’s another painful loss for the pop star. Tanella was very close to the singer: in fact, they grew up together. The reason for the disappearance of the 28-year-old boy was not disclosed. However, the adoptive mother admitted that a CT scan performed a few weeks before her death revealed the presence of a “black spot”. No additional details were disclosed..

Rihanna, along with her loved ones, did not want to miss the farewell to her cousin and burst into tears in front of the coffin. In accordance with Loop Barbados Newsthe ceremony will be accompanied byLift me up”, a song released by the artist last year and soundtrack Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. A song of sorrow, celebration and love for loved ones, lost in time. A tribute to Tanella, who in 2017 called the singer “a sister, a mentor, a prayer partner and a shoulder to lean on”. just a voice diamondsover the years, has shared on his Instagram profile several pictures in the company of his cousin, who, also thanks to his connections with the pop star, has become popular on social networks, gaining about 50,000 subscribers.

Tanella’s life was not full of roses and flowers. Indeed, it was marked by several painful deaths. In 2003, a young woman lost her biological mother due to HIV-related complications; Bye twin sister died when both were 14 years old. Six years ago, then, at the age of 21, his brother was killed by a bullet fired by an as yet unidentified person. An investigation launched after the death by the Barbados police turned out to be futile, the results of which were never officially made public.

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