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RimWorld Receives A Major Update With Animal Pens And DLC That Will Add Ideologies To The Game

Over the past 15 months, Ludeon studio has been preparing two new items for RimWorld – update 1.3 and the Ideology add-on, which should be released on the same day.

Supplements start in about two weeks, but release dates may change. You can already try out the beta version of the update – it is enabled in the appropriate Steam tab.

Below we have listed the main changes.

Update 1.3

  • Pens for animals. Thanks to them, your animals will become more productive, they will have clearer roles, and the colony will resemble a ranch.
    Egg boxes and straw pavement help create a farm atmosphere.
  • Search bars throughout the interface – in the construction and research menu, statistics window, warehouse filter, and so on.
  • Reworked faction reputation system. The neighbors will record your actions and explain their attitude towards them.
  • During raids on your base, opponents will be able to make tunnels around the main path and destroy walls with the help of special tools. For the latter, tribes will arm themselves with axes, pirates – with grenades, and mechanoids – with a new type of unit “Termit”.
  • The ability to line up soldiers in one line with one click of the mouse.
  • You can order a subordinate to pick up a wounded comrade and then carry him anywhere using normal motion controls.
  • Colonists will learn to carry medicines in their inventory and use them right on the battlefield.
  • Beards!
  • Character rendering will be made more efficient. In addition, after wounds, wounds, dressings, and other elements will form on their bodies.
  • Technical changes to make modding easier.

Ideology add-on

  • The colony’s belief system. It will allow the creation of, for example, tree-worshiping cannibals who carve skulls on furniture, blind tunnel dwellers who avoid light, or transhumanists who are obsessed with the idea of ​​human improvement through technology.
    You are free to mix different elements of the belief system and customize the rules, rituals, social roles, revered animals, weapons, culture, style, buildings, tattoos, clothing, background narration, gods, and mentioned beards.
  • A new type of roguelike quest where you have to sneak into ancient structures and overcome unknown dangers inside to get treasures.
  • The new creatures are dryads that maintain a symbiotic relationship with special trees.
  • Tribal villages worshiping the terminal in a spaceship.
  • New ending.

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