Ring-Smart Is For The Detection Of Early Symptoms Of The Corona Virus Timlo.net


Timlo.net–Corona Virus berinkubasi in the body of a person for a couple of weeks. Such a person can be infected with the virus, without symptoms of all. As a result, involuntarily he infect others. But also the ring-smart called Oura can overcome this problem.

As many as 2000 distributed Oura rings to the employees of UCSF Medical Center and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, United States of America (USA). The ring was used to measure the vital signs of the wearer such as heart rate, body temperature, HRV, and the number of calories burned. But, the ring is now in a study. Scientists want to know the potential of the ring smart it is to detect corona virus on the user in the initial phase. So you can seek immediate care or quarantine of personnel, write UbergizmoOn Monday (23/3).

The UCSF assistant psychiatry Professor, Dr. Ashley Mason, who has the project, said, “this will help people start, in quarantine, personal early, get treatment early. The results of the study are expected soon, and we need to deploy this tool.” In such a case, the CEO of the Finnish Petri Hollmen, you wear the ring, when, if Oura warn him, if his body temperature is 1 degree higher than the normal temperature.

Petri added that if she felt healthy. But after testing, turns out that he was positive for infection with the corona virus. “Without the tool says it to me, I would just think I was Petri a little bit of fatigue due to before to accompany my dogs for a walk two times a night,” said.

Editor : Ranu Ario