Riquelma named the daughter!

“The Boca fan is crazy,” Juan Román Riquelme often repeats, from the samples of affection that he receives at every step, either in the Bombonera or in the interior of the country. And if proof of that was needed, it happened this Wednesday in Mendoza …

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A fan posed at the door of the Sheraton hotel, where the idol arrived after noon to join the xeneize delegation, with a sign that read: “Roman, my daughter’s name is Riquelma. We want a photo with you, teacher!”.

“What went through your head?” They asked him on TNT Sports, when they saw him with the cardboard and the baby in his arms with a little shirt that said “Riquelma Jianna” on the back and number 10. “Roman, an idol, an idol,” he replied.

“They told me I was crazy (when I wanted to name it), but we are happy, “added this unlimited fan in front of the TV cameras.

Riquelme in Mendoza

He does not usually go as a visitor, so it implies its presence in the different stadiums of Argentine football. He doesn’t like it too much. He was not even in the Copa Libertadores games, if in fact the incidents against Mineiro were his sides Bermúdez, Cascini and Delgado, while he was in Don Torcuato. It is his brother Cristian, advisor to the Soccer Council, who usually accompanies him outside the patio of his house.

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Nevertheless, When it comes to the Argentine Cup, Riquelme has been saying present quite often to accompany your campus. And more last night, after the noise made by the episode of the micro and the subsequent “clarifications” that he should have made in the media.

“Riqueeelme, Riqueeeelme, Riqueeelme”, ​​was the cry that was repeated in Mendoza, as had happened before in the round of 16 against River in La Plata and in the quarterfinals against Patronato in Santiago del Estero, in that previous one in which he approached to greet the fans and raised in his arms a grandmother who I was a fan of xeneize and hers, of course.

This time, Roman traveled at noon yesterday with his son Agustín and President Jorge Amor AmealAs usual, he entered the Sheraton Hotel to a great ovation from the people who had come to greet him as the day before they had done with Battaglia and the footballers. Dressed in a black leather jacket and jean pants, with the lobby also collapsed, JR waved and kept up his pace until entering the xeneize bunker and disappearing down the elevator.

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