“Riquelme wrote to me to congratulate me on the championship”

In the midst of the festivities of River for the consecration in the Professional League, there was a detail, at least, striking. Beyond the praise that the team of Marcelo gallardo and of the surprise congratulations that came from Manchester by a coach like Pep Guardiola, the greats of Argentine soccer did not use their official channels to greet CARP for the title. Nevertheless, Rodolfo D’Onofrio revealed that he received a message from La Boca …

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The president of River, who this Saturday post-elections will end his eight-year mandate at the head of the institution, told in a talk with Mañana Sylvestre (Radio 10) that Juan roman riquelme he contacted him after the Olympic round: “Roman wrote to me congratulating me on the championship.”

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The great relationship that unites them comes from before JR became the vice of xeneize. D’Onofrio said on several occasions that “due to his quality and his way of playing” 10 had DNA to wear the red band, but that it was simply a “recognition that each one does what he likes about football” and that these jokes are part “of the great respect that I have for him as a player.”

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Beyond some soccer chicanas, like that time D’Onofrio said that Riquelme “owes me a barbecue and I’m still waiting”, and the day he put a brake on the Boca idol after remarking that “Gallardo could not win a single local tournament”, both are very close and break with the rivalry despite being on totally opposite paths.

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Speaking to the future, although he is going to move away from the political plane in Núñez after the elections, he affirmed that “I’m going to stay as vice president of AFA representing River” and supported Chiqui Tapia: “The AFA has its president for four more years, we must support him. Now I don’t see myself in a lounger resting, I’m going to help from where it touches me because an understanding must be sought “.

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Finally, although he once again made it clear that he does not know what Gallardo will do in 2022, his wish is the same as everyone in Núñez has: “Like any River fan and I already speaking as a former president, I would love for him to stay as technical director . I have reasons to decide that he is going to stay and reasons to say no, but I have no idea because they are very personal things. He has taken a break to reflect and then he will make the decision. “

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