Rising inflation in Sweden: Beyoncé’s fault

According to Danske Bank, Beyoncé’s concerts in Stockholm caused inflation to increase by 0.2%. The arrival of fans from around the world for the American pop star’s performance may have contributed to a general increase in prices in the Scandinavian country.

Why did inflation increase in Sweden because of Beyoncé?

VIPs are also included in the reasons for inflation.

Why? ask the economists Danske Bank,

According to the estimates of the main Danish bank, in fact, the arrival of beyonce The first two dates of his world tour in Stockholm affected inflation, increasing it by 0.2%.

“Beyonce,” she explained Michael GrahanDanske Bank’s chief economist “is responsible for this boom.” This is of course quite sensational, given that this is a single incident. We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

One of the reasons was the opening of the world tour of the American pop star, which took place on May 10 and 11 in Stockholm. general price rise, The Swedish capital was literally stormed by some 92,000 people who arrived in Sweden to attend the first two shows of the new “Renaissance World Tour”.

Many spectators traveled from overseas, such as the US and Canada, taking advantage of cheap ticket prices and a weak local currency. Given the large influx of people, some fans were forced to live outside the capital, in neighboring countries and close to Stockholm.

Sweden: Inflation at historic high

as he explained Michael Grahnfor the microphone BBC He was born financial TimesThe former Destiny’s Child singer’s arrival in the Swedish capital has attracted thousands of people from around the world to the city, raising prices at hotels, restaurants and many other consumer goods.

Certainly the phenomenon of inflation cannot be attributed solely to American pop stars. However, in Sweden, “Concert Alarm” continues and includes a tour by another international star, Bruce Springsteen.

There SwedenSo far, it is one of the European countries where inflation has been felt the most.

It reaches 12.3% (highest in last 30 years) in December 2022. The percentage has dropped again since the beginning of the year, but not as expected. That’s why the Swedish central bank has repeatedly raised interest rates in an effort to curb inflation.

All we needed was Beyonce.

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