Risks of delayed hepatitis diagnosis, they warn

The City of Commodore Rivadavia developed an extensive wellness day to raise awareness and prevent hepatitis. This is a free testing day for HB, HC, VHI, syphilis, clinical care, HB vaccination and informational sessions.

“We are trying to raise awareness, detect it early, bring diagnosis and treatment closer to the people,” explained Health Minister Carlos Catalá.

With hepatitis B, “we’ve worked for a long time, it’s mandatory on driving and health licences.” In contrast, “hepatitis C has no vaccine and is a diagnosis for a more specific population,” he compares road. “The test is more than 94 percent effective against treatment, which means the best thing that can happen to us is knowing it.”

Co-infections may occur during the illness: “People who have hepatitis C plus tuberculosis or hepatitis C plus HIV already have to be treated by an infectious disease specialist. If there are other diseases that also have this disease, it is closed to receive treatment The human circuit is important. We have to get professionals to think about this, and when we talk about liver cancer prevention, it has a lot to do with metabolic syndrome, overweight, and diabetes; “.

“People can’t understand things that aren’t explained to them by their own professional or GP, so we have to do a lot of work there.”
Gastroenterologist Laura Andrea Mármol reflects on the importance of “people understanding what hepatitis, care and prevention are all about.” And why it’s important to think about viral hepatitis, contagious, and preventable disease.

As for the diagnosis of hepatitis A, B and C, he explained, “It’s important to get there early, especially with hepatitis C that is asymptomatic. We could have had the virus for years and not know it. The only way It’s taking a blood sample, doing a finger prick, and getting the results in ten minutes. People will go spontaneously.”#

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