Risks of ibuprofen you should know

Ibuprofen It’s a classic in any medicine cabinet. This is one of the most popular treatments for treating minor pain, fever, and reducing inflammation. However, since it is still a drug, there should be a medical prescription that guarantees adequate use and is tailored to the actual needs of each patient.

According to various studies, nearly 70% of Spaniards believe that they are capable of self-treating common or minor illnesses. Ibuprofen is a fast-acting non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that has been shown to be very effective in relieving a variety of discomforts.However, if taken improperly, it may result in our health issues.

“It is important to remember that, in general, its consumption should be as brief as possible, and doseit must be adapted to the intensity and pathological characteristics of each patient,” explains Dr. José Manuel Luque Pinilla, Director of the Internal Medicine Service at Rubel Juan Bravo General Hospital.

A sufficient consumption Ibuprofen is usually taken in doses of about 1,200 mg (three 400 mg tablets) per day, and treatment should not last longer than a week.

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problems it can cause

If the dose, interval, and duration of treatment are appropriate, ibuprofen should not cause any problems.this complication They usually occur as a result of abusing this drug.

“In consultation, we often see patients asking Abdominal pain, gastritis and ulcers “This is caused by improper administration of the drug,” Luke describes. In this sense, its interaction with alcohol consumption is particularly harmful.

Likewise, people with heart disease may develop cardiovascular problems.According to a study published in the medical journal Journal of the American College of Cardiologypeople diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, the most common heart rhythm disorder, who continue to take this drug can experience significantly increased heart attack risk.

this very high dose (more than 2,400 mg per day) is also contraindicated in cases of heart failure, ischemic heart disease (coronary artery), peripheral arterial disease, and cerebrovascular disease.

In addition, ibuprofen can be used to avoid muscle pain during physical activity training or competition, as one of its actions is to relax muscles and relieve pain caused by excessive exercise.However, abuse or self-medication can lead to kidney problems and can mask the pain of a potentially serious injury.

It is also important to highlight its characteristics Interactions with other drugs. This is where professional supervision is crucial. The risk of ischemic stroke is greater if ibuprofen is combined with other drugs such as meloxicam, naproxen, diclofenac, or ketorolac.

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Can I take ibuprofen?

If you’re wondering if you can take ibuprofen after learning this information, the answer is yes. Ibuprofen is safe to take It only poses a risk to people with very specific medical conditions or conditions, people who are taking specific medications, or people who take it at very high doses and for a long time.

this pregnant woman They should be avoided during the first or second trimester of pregnancy. and people with liver, kidney or ulcer disease.

“Ibuprofen is a Highly effective drugs As long as treatment instructions and supervision are given by experts, it is completely safe. All medications can cause problems if used incorrectly. ” concluded Dr. Luque.

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