Rita Ora melts the heart of his fans with a tender video of his childhood


Rita Ora has shared a video very fond of herself when she was a girl filmed in July of 1994, and the producer of hits looks so sweet. In the clip, you can see the little Rita chatting with the camera in a cute blue sweater while the pigeons are having fun in the background

The 29-year old woman also published two photos of the footage, along with which he wrote an important message on his experience as an immigrant. In their legend, the singer of Black Widow explained that, even when I was a child, he loved the camera, and he hoped that the footage will bring a smile to the faces of their fans.

Rita also told his followers that: “Everyone deserves a chance”, and asked people to help build an “incredible atmosphere” for the children “to be children and grow up”.

But more importantly, the star spoke about his own experience as an immigrant and said: “When my parents decided to move to England from Kosovo was difficult. I remember that I had to see and witness certain things to be able to fit, only for the girl herself able to cooperate with the girls in the game of jump rope on the playground (that’s what we used to call it!), but when I was in the park was free.”

Then he reminded his followers: “we can not justify ourselves by the color of our skin or where we are, we are a race. The human race”.

Rita Ora is praised by his fans

Rita Ora signed his message with love, writing: “anyway, I love you, you are just my two cents. I hope you smile today. Give the children a place to feel free. Thank you. Yours forever, Rita”.

Fans were quick to praise Rita for your publication inspiring, with one writing: “Beautiful subtitle. Well said”. Another added: “Thank you for spreading love and kindness! The world needs more of that.”