Rita Ora, the protagonist of a new soundtrack for a highly anticipated movie


The followers of Pokémon were waiting for: it will soon come to the cinemas his new film, both for nostalgic fans of the 2000 as to the followers younger of the famous saga is a great event and gradually go revealing details. The latest to come to light has been that Rita Ora will be the artist that will give voice to the soundtrack of the film, a song composed by Kygo.

‘Pokémon: Detective Pikachu’ will be soon in all cinemas, but already you can see the video for the song ‘Carry On’, main theme of the film. In him, it appears the singer Rita Ora but we also found ourselves with a great group of mythical pokemon. The scenes where they appear were recorded in Tokyo, as the whole movie. In them we can see the characters in different places, like forests, city streets, restaurants…

These scenes of the video clip where they appear the characters of the film have created huge expectation among the fans of Pokemon, the expectations now are even higher, but already missing less to be able to see them on the big screen. The novelty of this film is that for the first time will be a movie with real actors, flesh and bone, leaving behind the illustrations of the famous series. The pokemons will also be illustrations for a move to be made from virtual reality, and as you can see in the video clip, Rita Ora and Kygo, the creators of the movie have done a great job.

The video, published just a few weeks ago already has over 17 million views, and you are a fan or not of the saga, pokemon, the catchy song ‘Carry On’ is already ringing with power, has all chances to become a success, and even more after having played for the first time the two artists together on stage.

As an anecdote, the Kygo has expressed in his account of Instagram how excited he is to be part of this project, being a big fan of Pokemon since childhood, sharing with his followers a picture of his childhood surrounded by a large number of objects of the saga. Another dream come true for the artist.