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The creative idea of ​​the studio was to emphasize the curvature of the building with round-shaped furniture.© Amory Laparra

Discover ancient

This apartment is on the Left Bank, “a little outdated”, initially it was not in very good condition. Some elements dating back to the Osman era have been hidden. The mission entrusted to the interior designer was to return the charm of the era to the spacebut not too pompous: “We love to rediscover, refurbish to make it seem obvious” explains Véronique Cottrell. The interior designer wanted to clean up the mess and get back to basics. Thus, he eliminated a number of technical details (double pipes, heating) that cluttered up the space, “like scars“. To revive the Ottoman style, Véronique Cottrell added mouldings, fireplace and parquet.. The moldings already present on the living and dining room ceilings have been inserted into the master bedroom. “create continuity”. In the living room, a fireplace removed by the previous owners has been recreated to order, entirely in marble. The expert even redesigned the chimney so that the owners would start a fire. The final touch is classic oak parquet, new but refinished to look antique. The floor is made from new boards, the edges of which are burnt so that the shadows are slightly visible, giving it a vintage look. “Classic parquet does not give such an effect, it’s incredible“says Véronique Cottrell,”AND handicraft work, an additional touch. As for the color “our current trend is to prefer pretty light parquet. A matte finish with a water-based varnish gives a raw and natural look, lightness and brightness.“. A prerequisite is an electric underfloor heating that does not leave visible pipes.

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