River honored Enzo Pérez on the night he saved

To a player who, faced with an outbreak of coronavirus cases, had the greatness and courage to raise his hand and save in a Copa Libertadores match when there were no goalkeepers available not enough with a single tribute. It was insufficient that the diver and the gloves he used Enzo Perez (which from this Friday can be seen framed) were in the Museum. For this reason, the River leadership decided to make another recognition this Thursday evening.

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Enzo Pérez looks at the painting that will be in the Museum (Prensa River).

Enzo Pérez looks at the painting that will be in the Museum (Prensa River).

There was no anniversary of that match against Santa Fe or anything like that: doing an official act showing the historical clothes was an excuse to show gratitude again to a player who has already sneaked into the flag of idols based on epic nights like that and his fanaticism for the club. A football benchmark and team thermometer, in the 154 games that he has played at the club with which he is linked by unconditional love, the Mendoza managed to consolidate himself as the starting central midfielder, displacing another historical icon such as Leo ponzio, to which Perez recognized as its benchmark for competitiveness.

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And besides, he is one of the main ambassadors of Gallardo’s philosophy that the team is above the names. That is the reason why he usually takes this kind of tribute with a certain shyness, although his happy face yesterday was indisputable: anything that reminds him of that magical night makes him happy, like almost all fans of River.

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The magic night

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