River paid debts for Paulo Díaz, Fabrizio Angileri and José Paradela

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El Millonario disbursed almost two and a half million dollars in the last hours and thus canceled some debts before Al Ahli, Godoy Cruz and Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata for the purchases of Díaz, Angileri and Paradela respectively.

River paid almost 2.5 million dollars for the debts it had for Paulo Díaz, Fabrizio Angileri and José Paradela.
© Getty.River paid almost 2.5 million dollars for the debts it had for Paulo Díaz, Fabrizio Angileri and José Paradela.

In recent weeks River closed important agreements: it did so with Adidas so that it continues to dress the club for the next five years, it also added a new sponsor, it is Socios.Com, a company linked to cryptocurrencies. That is why with the fresh money in the coffers the Millionaire settled three important debts that he had due to the passes of Paulo Díaz, Fabrizio Angileri and José ParadelaIn addition, with Gimnasia he also refinanced a debt that exists for Nacho Fernández, current figure of Atlético Mineiro.

In Argentina it is not easy to carry out transactions in dollars, the North American currency changes its value practically daily and signing contracts in dollars is a headache. But the debts have to be paid and just as River demands that they pay the different fees for the players it sold, the clubs from which it bought also request the same when a payment is delayed. This was the case with Al Ahli from Saudi Arabia, Godoy Cruz and Gimnasia in recent times.

How much money did River pay in the last days?

The Biggest disbursed one million dollars to pay part of the pass owed by Paulo Díaz to Al Ahli of Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, he paid Godoy Cruz 743 thousand dollars for Fabrizio Angieri, the left-back who came to Núñez in 2019 on a loan with a purchase obligation. Finally, he negotiated with Gimnasia the refinancing of a debt for Nacho Fernández and paid $ 700,000 for the José Paradela pass that arrived in Núñez in early 2021.

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