River vs. Board of Trustees: Angileri or Peña will replace Paulo Díaz


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Injuries continue to be a big problem for River in the semester and particularly the last line was the one that was most affected. Last Sunday River visited Estudiantes for date 19 of the Professional League and although the Doll had confirmed the team, at the last minute he had to make a modification and Felipe Peña left the field instead of Paulo Díaz. The Chilean felt a muscle discomfort and decided not to risk, last Monday the central marker was carried out the corresponding studies and it was determined that he has a tear in his right adductor and will be between two and three weeks off the court. The double date of the South American Qualifiers will be lost and also the duel against Patronato, it is estimated that it will arrive at the match against Platense on November 21.

The reality is that the Doll could not move the team much to play against Patronato and place Jonatan Maidana in the place of Paulo Díaz, but taking into account the changes in recent games, who occupied the position of first central marker when Díaz was not available was Felipe Peña, a central midfielder who knows the position from his years in the Juniors and who did it in a very good way. But another option is for Robert Rojas – lately a winger on the right – behind with David Martínez and for Casco to play a winger on the right and for Fabrizio Angileri to return to his classic position, that of a winger on the left.

What does Peña Biafore contribute?

First of all, it is important to note that Felipe Peña is barely 20 years old and plays as if he had 10 years in the First Division. He is a timed footballer, good in the air game, he is fierce on the mark and also tends to anticipate. Although he abused the rough game against Talleres and was sent off 6 minutes into the first half, in general he does not usually commit fouls near the area and is a player who provides a very good first pass at the exit.

What does Angileri bring?

The Mendoza is a key part of the team’s operation in recent times. His performance was very high in the last year, a pity that muscle injuries caused him to miss several games. But Angileri provides constant projection on the left, sends precise crosses and has a very good punch. Also in defense he is attentive and is usually a guarantee in that regard.

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