River’s three casualties to start the short week thinking about Racing

El Millonario, who beat Platense at the last minute, will work in the afternoon in Ezeiza in the first of the three training sessions prior to the classic with the Academy.

River players

River He will not have much rest after last night’s hard-fought victory against Platense and today he will train again because his next commitment to the Professional League is just around the corner. The Thursday, from 9:30 p.m., the Millionaire will receive Racing in the Monumental with the possibility of keep the title, if workshops leave points on Tuesday during his visit to Gymnastics.

Starting at 18 at the River Camp, when the Millionaire’s work week starts, Marcelo Gallardo will have a lot of work ahead of him, because the 1-0 against Platense left the Millionaire three casualties facing Racing. The first and most important is that of Enzo Perez, who suffered a dislocation of his left elbow and, in the absence of the studies to be carried out today, it is practically a fact that he loses the remainder of the tournament. But also, Milton Casco and Bruno Zuculini They reached the fifth yellow, so they will not be able to be before the Academy either.

By Casco, the one that is expected to reappear is Fabrizio Angileri, who almost three weeks ago had suffered from a tear suffered in mid-October. Of the last six games, the former Godoy Cruz could only play one (Estudiantes) but everything indicates that this week he will definitely be discharged to join the team against Racing.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the field, the natural replacement for Enzo Pérez would have been Zuculini, but with the suspension due to the accumulation of yellows, Gallardo will surely lean towards one of the most experienced of the squad, if not the most experienced: Leo Ponzio, He has only played five games so far in the Professional League, entering all of them for a couple of minutes from the substitute bench.


After the elbow dislocation he suffered last night, the midfielder will undergo medical studies today to find out more precisely what happened to him and whether or not he requires surgical intervention to be able to play again. Anyway, 2021 is over for Enzo, who will have to see the definition of the championship from the outside.


“The game went from good to very good in the first half. We were a good team, with good circulation, good ball mobility and we should have closed it in the first half. We fell short in the result and that allowed Platense to gain momentum and he pushed with long balls to complicate us. I get angry because if we scored another goal, we closed it. We got three important points for what was done in the first half, but you also have to know how to win these games when they are presented “, held the Doll.

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