Rob Kardashian calls for the complete custody of your daughter Dream


Currently have shared custody, but Rob Kardashian sought complete custody of the daughter he shares with Blac Chyna, accusing your ex of inappropriate behavior with the small.

According to the latest reports from the portal TMZthe son of Kris Jenner filed new documents requesting to obtain full custody of Dreamsince you are concerned about the environment in which he lives with his mother, who constantly organizes parties in his home, unmindful of the presence of the girl of 3 years.

In the presentations of the court-which agreed to TMZ, Rob requested that his ex, whose real name is Angela Whitehas the right only to weekend visits, and always with a nanny present.

Rob accuses Chyna of being drunk all the time, coming to spend 600 dollars a day on alcohol. In addition to the accused of consuming cocaine and make violent threats to people in your home, even throwing dangerous objects, such as happened with a hairdresser who launched a candelabra. Therefore, further requested that prior to each visit we perform a test for drugs and alcohol.

According to reports, Rob ensures that the behavior of Dream has changed negatively and that has begun to “do twerking naked and act out sexual positions which, he said, taught him by his mom”. Even says that since the school advised him that he had tried to get physically close in a manner inappropriate to a classmate in gym class.

In addition, he asserts that when Chyna leaves the Dream in your home, leaving you with your hair messy, teeth and nails dirty, and that the child uses expletives and words unsuitable for their age.

Rob received the support of his sister Khloé in this demand, ensuring in the same documents that she has also noticed a change in the behavior of Dream, which has been able to see during play dates with their cousins. “It is defensive and more aggressive”, ensures.

In addition it ensures that you have heard Dream say you do not want to return to her mother each time she spends time with Rob.