Rob Pelinka jokes about Taylor Swift, praising Austin Reeves’ “Mamba gene”

Los Angeles Lakers general Manager Rob Pelinka gave an introductory press conference for the 2023-24 season. NBA season with the head coach Darwin Ham on Thursday and former agent primarily representing Kobe Bryantget through Taylor Swift joke, praise Austin Reeves“Mamba gene”

Pelinka, 53, made sure to note that no player can match the greatness of the late Bryant, but noted that some guys have the “Mamba gene” left behind by the legendary Lakers star.

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“I think (Reeves’) core qualities are consistent with the inhabitants of the ‘Mamba gene.’ We all need to see Kobe’s career and what he stood for, and no player can compare to Kobe Bryant, but I think today’s players can carry the genes of what he stood for,” Pelinka said. “And I think Austin does that. He’s no nonsense. He comes to the gym and does work. He’s open with his teammates and he’s all about winning. listen to criticism and pull yourself together.

“He’s all about work, and I think we saw that in the way he criticized his college career when we talked to him and scouted him out. We saw it when we had training camp and he didn’t have a roster spot and he was talking about his business and he wanted to show everyone on the team that he belonged on. And we’ve seen that just in his growth and the amount of work he puts into it. He doesn’t get caught up in media rumors about who he’s dating.. Or something else. He’s all about business and all about the game, and that’s why we love him and are proud that he chose us this summer.”

Pelinka chuckling after saying Reeves “doesn’t get caught up in media rumors about who he’s dating” is a clear reference to how the young Lakers guard was romantically linked to Swift in the offseason.

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Reeves, 25, previously hospitalized Full Podcast Submission that the rumors about his relationship with Swift were completely false and unfounded.

Swift, 33, has been the talk of the sports world ever since she was seen cheering. NFL star Travis Kelsey at Arrowhead Stadium when he scored a touchdown for the team. Kansas City Chiefs against Chicago Bears.

Pelinka’s joke about Reeves not being bothered by dating rumors also indicates that he’s up to date with the latest sports gossip.

Reeves, an undrafted talent, is in his third year with the Lakers and will start alongside him. D’Angelo Russell, LeBron James And Anthony Davis.

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