robbed a team and abused one of the players

Horror seized soccer in Brazil. While the women’s team of Abelhas rainhas left the changing room of the Lindolfo Monteiro stadium, municipality of Teresina (Piauí), on Wednesday night, two criminals assaulted the campus, taking their belongings and sexually abusing one of the players.

After the last of the club’s matches, the thieves and abusers threatened the driver of the bus with sharp elements, who had to leave his post. They immediately groped a soccer player inside the vehicle and took the belongings they found, all before coach Begao Silva started asking for help.

One of the DT’s cries for help reached some policemen, who approached and dispersed the criminals with shots in the air, Although they could not stop them or prevent them from abusing one of the players, nor were they able to take cell phones, money and other belongings of the members of Abelhas Rainhas.

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They assaulted Abelhas Rainhas and abused one of the players.  Photo: Abelhas Rainhas.

They assaulted Abelhas Rainhas and abused one of the players. Photo: Abelhas Rainhas.

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It was an unfortunate situation. A total despair. Unfortunately that happened. We don’t have time to all go out together because the people of the federation pressure us to leave the dressing room quickly. There we go taking things little by little. If we went out together, it would be harder to mug“, expressed the technical director of the team in statements released by the EFE agency.

Quitéria Alves, president of the club, added: “I couldn’t sleep thinking about everything that happened. It was terrifying. What hurts me the most is having to have heard from a representative of the federation that we are the ones who are wrong in this situation. It was a horror movie“And about the state of the abused soccer player, he revealed: “She was shocked. She left in a nervous state, crying.”

The Piauí Football Federation (FFP), for its part, pointed out: “The safety of all those involved during matches has always been prioritized in all sports facilities. But, unfortunately, outside the stadiums, all of us are subject to the insecurity that prevails in our society. We are providing and requesting the Military Police to reinforce the police presence around the stadiums on days when there are games to try to avoid unpleasant acts similar to the one that occurred. “

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