Robbie Williams Lucca Summer Festival 2023 performance review

The British star returns to set the Italian scene on fire after two triumphant indoor performances in January. The show is dedicated to twenty-five years of success of the collection. XXVin the nineties, in the 2000s and those who, like him, made them great

“Let me entertain you,” an invitation to have fun together today, just like twenty-five years ago. With this spirit Robbie Williams took the stage in Lucca for the last performance Lucca Summer Festival 2023, installed on the Historical Walls on an area of ​​more than twenty thousand people. tour, t. XXV world tour, is a party dedicated to a quarter of a century of solo hits by the British singer-songwriter, who returned to Italy for the only date after sold-out concerts last January at the Unipol Arena in Bologna. Before him is Diodato, who heard Williams many years ago along with his former, big fan of the British star.

Greatest pop icon (before Harry Styles)

Robbie Williams, ex Take That golden boy of british pop – after Elton John, of course, but before Ed Sheeran, but above all Harry Styles, who in some interviews was referred to as heir to his kingdom – an artist with more than eighty-five million albums sold worldwide and the holder of almost unattainable goals between ticket sales, number of first chart singles and Brit Awards (18!), returned to Italy to say thanks to those who made it life is a wonderful story.
The story of his story, which unfolds in thousands of others corresponding to the alternating but always brilliant stages of his career, is part of a show created in honor of twenty five years of hits to which everyone in the audience knows the words. It starts fortissimo after the introduction with the sequence let me entertain you, munson, strong AND Like Canceledplays from the top of the charts that took the author from the old to the new millennium in a crescendo of glory and triumph.

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Entertainer for over thirty years

Like a true artist, the forty-nine year old from the United Kingdom uses a microphone to tell his story between songs, with the irreverence and bravado of a man who knows he has literally been on top of the world for over thirty years (including those with me taking this) happiness, sadness, anxiety, addictions and then triumphs again ups and downs that only adults can look in the face, while remaining cold-blooded.
OUR dialogues the funniest ones front row audience which Williams refers to without fear of messing up the line-up or interrupting the song (as happened with Could this be magic, a cover by Barry Manilow, with his vocals in the foreground, ended abruptly to scold an onlooker going to the toilet: “How dare you go to the toilet when you’re singing my first song with Take That?”). Or to another fan: “Are you twenty-nine? Where do you know me from? Sorry here tonight will not perform Harry Styles! And then, always to her: “Please, when you get home, tell your friends about me.”
Williams is ironic about his almost fifty years when, sitting on stage, he explains, “It’s not because I’m old, it’s because there’s too much pasta.” It is impossible not to be amazed by his enthusiasm.

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Icon and sex symbol

Aware of the passage of time, but also of its power, Williams all in gold (with leather pants and a shiny sequined t-shirt, a little his uniform for this tour), is having fun and inserting songs that are not his, from Country of 1000 dances Chris Kenner Don’t look back in anger Oasis, which he says after his first audition at Glastonbury changed his life and the way he wrote forever. Williams, the most representative single artist of his generation, one of Knebworth’s 300,000 in 2003 and a star Live 8 2005 seen live from two million peoplepay homage to the myths about his life and ninetiesan era when, as he says, as an unsurpassed sex symbol, he tried to literally and physically love all his fans, one by one.

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Lineup also includes Take That songs

Williams, now a devoted husband and father of four, unconvincedly joins in with his dancers’ choreography, recalling how he danced. with Take it, one of the five, but the most talented, ready to win everyone’s attention at the first opportunity. The staircase winds between Floodalso sung with former adventurers at various gatherings, Candies, Feel AND Children, the powerful hits of the MTV years, which everyone sings, recalling images from video clips of a young Robbie with shaved hair and clear eyes. The commercials of that time appear on the big screens when it’s the turn of the encore No regrets, She is one (dedicated to the lucky fan in the front row) e Angels (Nomination for the best British single of 2005 in the last twenty-five years). closes without Millennium but with a change in appearance, a cloak-like robe fit for the true protagonist of the music that matters.

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